The Best Survey Sites

The Best Survey Sites That Aren’t Scams 2022

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The Best Survey Sites

Looking to find the best survey sites that aren’t scams? Then you’ve probably come across some warnings about opportunities that aren’t legit. While it’s important to realize that some survey sites are ‘fake news,’ that shouldn’t discourage you from participating in the real survey sites if you have an interest.

Legit survey sites can be really cool and fun. They’re a fast, easy way to make some extra cash. Obviously, some are more lucrative than others, so that’s something we’ll get into below.

Consider this your go-to guide for best survey sites 2022 and beyond. If you stick with the online survey sites listed here, you’ll have plenty to work with. Legit online surveys are a great way to make some extra dough during the holidays. And why not keep that energy going in the New Year, too?

So, what are the best survey sites that pay? Here are the best survey sites to make money online.

The Best Survey Sites For Cash

List Of The Best Survey Sites Online

Let’s look at the best survey sites to make money online from the comfort of your own home. Some of these include the best survey sites that pay cash too, so check them out.

Best Survey Sites For Cash: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online survey site that lets you earn points or cash and is one of the best survey sites to earn money online. In addition to answering surveys for money, you can earn points by shopping, watching videos, and searching the web. Hey! I already do all of that for free!

If you spend a lot of time online, Swagbucks is a cool way to monetize your hours. They pay you with PayPal or gift cards.

It is one of the most popular paid survey sites and provides amazing opportunities for people in the U.S. to make money online.

You will earn points that you can redeem later. While redeeming your points, you can choose the option of gift cards that can be used at popular retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. 

Go to Swagbucks

Best Free Survey Sites For Money

Best Free Survey Sites For Money: Survey Junkie

One of the best survey sites for money is Survey Junkie. One important thing to note is that this site is completely free. You should always be wary of platforms that ask you to pay a membership or sign-up fee. It’s not necessarily an indicator that it’s a scam, but why pay when most survey platforms are free?

Survey Junkie is easy, user-friendly, and they don’t send you tons of SPAM emails if you’re a user. They offer loads of surveys, so there’s never any shortage of opportunities with this site. Like Swagbucks, they payout via PayPal or gift cards.

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites that pay – and there are over 10 million subscribers on the platform. The site was created in 2013, a project of DISQO, which is a market research company. 

Like other survey sites, you can sign up for free if you live in the U.S, Canada, or Australia, and you can earn up to $75 per survey depending on your circumstances.

Survey Junkie is one of the best legit survey sites to make money.

Go to Survey Junkie

Best Survey Sites To Get Paid

Best Survey Sites To Get Paid: Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another site that offers more than just surveys. You can earn cash through surveys, playing online games, watching videos, browsing news sites, and downloading coupons. The cash-out minimum for Inbox Dollars is $30, and the average survey payout is $5 per survey.

With Inbox Dollars, you get paid through PayPal, gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards. Their site is easy to use and proven to be perfectly reputable.

It is easy to join InboxDollars. They offer a bonus of $5 when you sign up. 

Go to InboxDollars

Best High Paying Survey Sites

Best High Paying Survey Sites: Vindale Research

As with all survey sites, what you earn depends on what you put in. But we like Vindale Research because they don’t pay in points – they pay in cash. This means your compensation is displayed in dollar amounts, and there’s no guessing how much you’ve earned.

The average pay-out per survey is $.50 – $5, but you can make as much as $50 for one survey with Vindale. It all depends on the survey length, the demographic criteria, and the topic. 

Vindale pays in PayPal only and the minimum to cash out is $50. In our opinion, Vindale is one of the best survey sites to make money because it has some of the single highest-paying surveys out there.

Go to Vindale Research (Vindale Research has closed)

Best Legit Paid Survey Sites

Best Legit Paid Survey Sites: OneOpinion

We like OneOpinion because it’s probably the easiest, fastest online survey site around. If you’re looking for the best legit paid survey sites that’ll let you get started in around a minute, you’ll like this platform.

The OneOpinion site lets you get started right away and it’s about as straightforward as they come. Earn points as you go, then watch those points translate into real cash. The average payout with this site is $1-$5 per survey and the minimum to cash out is $25. OneOpinion pays in gift cards only.

Go to OneOpinion

Honorable Mentions

A list of the best survey sites for making money online wouldn’t be complete with the following list of honorable mentions.



When it comes to the best paid survey sites, you can’t deny LifePoints, a company that offers several ways to earn points through various tasks. When you take surveys or test products, you earn points. As a member, you can redeem your points either as cash or gift cards.

Go to LifePoints



Toluna is one of the biggest platforms offering online surveys. The company pays either through vouchers or cash. It is a legit opinion website that works by receiving feedback from the customers on various products and brands. 

The platform pays through different channels like Amazon gift cards, PayPal payments, and other high-end vouchers. For each survey, you will receive 2,000 to 50,000 points depending on the type of survey you take. You can redeem a $15 voucher for every 80,000 points. 

Go to Toluna



With SurveySavvy, you can earn up to $3 per survey. If you sign up to SavvyConnect on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet, SurveySavvy will pay you $5 USD for each device that means they will pay you $15 USD each month, just for being active on the SavvyConnect community.

The platform pays through a paper check in the form of cash that is posted to your address. The interesting thing about this survey site is that the cash out minimum is $1, which is great. Remember, the check may take up a few weeks to arrive in your bank account; a major downside of the site. 

Go to SurveySavvy

Best Survey Sites Paid: Final Verdict

Online surveys are a great way to earn side money and make a little extra to help supplement your income.

Let’s take a look at some things you should keep in mind when choosing the best survey-paying websites. 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to track your earnings
  • No sign-up or membership fee
  • Respectable online reputation
  • Doesn’t send you constant SPAM emails
  • Plenty of surveys and various earning opportunities
  • Higher-paying surveys for those willing to spend more time

The online survey sites listed above meet all these criteria and more. Our list of the best survey sites that pay cash are user-friendly, transparent, simple to use, and they pay enough to make it worth your time.

If you already spend a lot of time at your computer or on your phone, online surveys can be a great way to earn extra money and cool perks. And if you’re someone who enjoys reviewing products or offering your opinion for free, why not cash in on that action and have something to show for it?

Happy surveying!

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