Reviews On Survey Junkie

Reviews On Survey Junkie: Is Survey Junkie Legit and Safe? 2022

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Survey Junkie

Reviews On Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online platform that allows users to take surveys and earn points or cash. The business has been operating since 2012 under the parent company known as DISQO. The online platform pays you for sharing your opinions. 

There are millions of surveys, and each survey you take is worth points, which you can redeem for cash and gift cards. In today’s article, we will review Survey Junkie and tell you whether or not it is a safe or legit site to make money online. 

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How Does Survey Junkie Work? 

How Does Survey Junkie Work? 

Using the Survey Junkie online platform, you earn points by carrying out surveys. The site pays you between $2 to $75 per survey you complete. Keep in mind that if you complete a longer and more detailed survey, the company will pay you more. 

You can’t just spam surveys until you’re a millionaire though. You have to qualify for surveys before you take them, and most people will only qualify for a few per week. The average is three surveys per week, but that’s enough to get you between $150 to $250 a month.

Survey Junkie also has focus groups that you can join to earn more money and offers money-making opportunities to people who want to become product testers. So, if you fail to qualify for a survey, you can still earn some points. 

Many other survey sites won’t tell you if you qualify until after you take the survey. This can waste valuable time, and it can make the system feel rigged against you. Survey Junkie doesn’t do that.

So, unlike other sites that don’t give you points on a disqualification, Survey Junkie is different and user-oriented. You’ll get paid for every survey you take. To balance this out, you can’t take every survey. But at least it’s not wasting your time.

Payment is issued after you reach the company’s minimum payout –  i.e. after making $10 from surveys, you can request a payout, which is either in the form of cash via PayPal or gift cards that you can use to shop on Amazon, Walmart, and other sites.

This is another facet of usability that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many other survey sites will make the minimum payout unusually high. If a survey site doesn’t give you payouts till you have done $100 of surveys, then something is amiss. They are banking that you will stop short of $100.

Survey Junkie’s $10 minimum payout means that you can get paid off of just one survey. If you find that the process isn’t for you, you can walk away having not wasted your time.

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The Point System  

Using Survey Junkie, you can earn points for completing surveys, and every 100 points you earn is equal to one dollar, and the number of points depends on the type of survey you take. 

There is an element of diminishing returns one must consider when doing surveys that are worth less than 1000 points. They are appealing due to their relative brevity, but they usually take longer than they should. Luckily, most surveys give as much if not more than 1000 points.

For example, if you take a survey that is worth 2,000 points, you will earn $20. For shorter surveys, you will earn between 100 points and 200 points, which are worth $1 and $2 respectively. So, the Survey Junkie point system is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. 

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Survey Junkie Pros and Cons

In our Survey Junkie review, we look at the pros and cons of using the site to make money online.


  • Easy to Use
  • $10 Minimum Cash out
  • 100% Legit
  • PayPal cash out


  • Only available in a few countries, including the U.S and Canada

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Is Survey Junkie Safe?

Is Survey Junkie Safe?

Many ask “is Survey Junkie legit or safe?” The simple answer is yes, it is a 100% safe and legit site. Although it won’t replace your 9-5 job, it is a safe way to make money if you have time. Unlike other survey sites, it is the oldest platform and the most trusted site that pays out good money. 

At this point in the history of the internet though, the meaning of safety has changed. People are less concerned with viruses and more concerned with the trading of their personal information. 

That is where the discussion of Survey Junkie becomes somewhat subjective. The whole point of Survey Junkie is to sell your personal information. It’s not going to sell anything you don’t volunteer in a survey though; your banking information, address, and other things like that are safe.

What Survey Junkie trades in is your demographics cross-referenced with your preferences and biases. As stated previously, you get money for negative opinions as well. Many companies are building databases of increasingly nuanced information on who feels what, and where.

But unlike Google or Amazon, which sell your info without your permission, Survey Junkie lets you volunteer what information gets sold. It also lets you have some of the money that changes hands when the personal information is sold. 

Personal information is more valuable than ever. Participating in Survey Junkie will involve the delineation of some of your information, but it will also allow you to reap some of the profits.

Survey Junkie Hacks

Survey Junkie Hacks

Although there is no shortcut to getting the most out of Survey Junkie, you can boost earnings by considering a few essential things. For example, it is crucial to complete your profile accurately and thoroughly. Make sure you provide adequate information so that the company offers you access to top-quality surveys that pay more. 

Remember to check the blog section of the site regularly to learn how to quickly take surveys and redeem points fast. You can also take polls about topics trending on the site to earn more points. 

Although there are some apps and tools available online that will automatically take surveys for you, remember, your account will be deleted for any unlawful activity that breaches Survey Junkie’s terms and conditions. So, if you have time, putting in the effort and doing proper research to find surveys that meet your requirements will earn you more points that you can redeem into cash and gift cards. 

Best Practice

While your activity should be as lawful as possible, and your profile should definitely be accurate and robust with details, there is really no downside to rushing through surveys.

Many surveys will be difficult to rush through by nature — usually by featuring text boxes requiring essay-like responses. But this is not always the case, and the surveys are not deliberately designed to slow you down.

Remember, the purpose of the essay is to gather information. It is trying to find out how you feel. The survey itself is not interested in whether or not you are exploiting the systems of Survey Junkie.

That is not to say that you should always click through surveys as fast as possible. Doing so can have drawbacks, as nonsensical answers are less valuable, and therefore will lead you to being eligible for less surveys in the future. 

That is a long-term concern though. If you are just looking to make a quick $10, then you don’t really have a need for the site to be sustainable. 


The real question is: Is there a demographic you can structure your profile after that is more profitable than all the others? Is the opinion of a New Yorker more in demand than the opinion of an Oklahoman, for instance?

Sadly, this question does not have a solid answer. Who and what is valuable changes so rapidly and is dependent on so many variables that it is impossible to predict. This might seem unfair, but it is as much a reality for the companies running the surveys as it is for you. They can’t predict it either.

Multiple Accounts

Lastly: Is it possible to create multiple accounts? This is the most common question you will see, and probably one that you have asked yourself if you have spent any time on a survey site like Survey Junkie. Well, the people running the sites have thought of this as well, so don’t get too excited.

It is against the terms of service for one person to hold multiple accounts on survey sites such as Survey Junkie. Even if you use different email addresses and personal information, all it would take is a quick audit of your bank account to see that your funds are being delivered to the same account.

Of course, you could use two different PayPal accounts for directing your funds. This is also part of the reason why Amazon and Walmart gift cards are the payout method of choice for some users: The site can’t audit them. But it is inadvisable in any case, and you are always playing with fire.

In Conclusion: Reviews On Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a fast, easy way to make a little bit of money. It plays in an industry that is usually exclusive to big tech firms, enabling the average person to make money off of their information, opinions, and simply for being the right person from the right place.

You are never going to make a living off of Survey Junkie, but it pays better than most survey sites, and it can cover your groceries for a few weeks if you stick to it consistently. Give it a try if you want, and rest assured that the most important information about your identity is secured.

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