Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Ideas: Even For Beginners With No Money 2022

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Passive Income Ideas

Do you want to start earning passive income? If you are not already generating passive income then you should start today. We have a ton of passive income ideas for 2021 that can help you to start generating income on the side. Passive income is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. Check out our list of passive income ideas to get inspired. 

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is pretty self-explanatory. You can generate income without doing any work. What is there to not love about that? One of the most common examples of passive income is collecting rent from properties that you own, but what about passive income ideas with little money? 

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30 Passive Income Ideas 

Looking for passive income generation ideas? Here is our list of the best passive income ideas 2021! We have included passive income ideas for college students, new passive income ideas, and passive income ideas for beginners because we want to make generating passive income accessible for everyone. 

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Passive Income Ideas Online

5 Passive Income Ideas Online 

1. Affiliate Marketing 

One of the best ways to generate passive income online is by using affiliate links. All you have to do is link to your favorite products online and every time someone clicks your link and shops you earn money. 

2. Cashback Sites 

If you do any sort of online shopping you could be getting cashback. There are several cashback sites that will pay you just for doing your regular shopping. 

3. Peer To Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending platforms like Prosper and LendingClub allow you to loan money to borrowers to earn passive income in the form of interest. This type of lending does carry some risk, so make sure you fully understand how it works before you invest.

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4. YouTube 

If you enjoy making vlogs or reviewing your favorite products you can earn passive income on YouTube. You can earn passive income in ad revenue from one video for all time. The more videos you make, the more income you can generate. 

5. Buy a Blog 

Blogs generate a lot of passive income through affiliate links and sponsored posts. If you want to skip past the years it takes to establish a blog presence, you can buy an existing blog and start cashing in on your new source of income right away. 

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Passive Income Ideas For Students

5 Passive Income Ideas for Students 

1. Sell Stock Photos 

If you have a smartphone you can use it to snap photos and earn income as a stock photographer. If you have a DSLR camera you can make even more! 

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2. Invest In Companies

Investing in companies can be risky, but it can also potentially make you a lot of money. There are online platforms like Wefunder and Republic that allow you to invest your money in companies to earn passive income.

3. Automatically Invest 

Apps like Acorns will take your extra change from purchases and automatically invest it into stocks. This will help grow your wealth without any work from you. 

4. Get Paid For Your Opinion 

There are lots of companies that will pay you for leaving a review. If you have an opinion on a product or service then there is a monetary incentive for you to share it. 

5. Sleep Studies 

You can find research studies online that will pay you a decent sum of money just for sleeping. They will monitor your sleep patterns and pay you money for your data and time. 

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Passive Income Ideas For Beginners

5 Passive Income Ideas for Beginners 

1. Buy CD’s 

Put your savings in a Certificate of Deposit to earn extra dividends. 

2. Invest in Stocks 

Apps like Robinhood make it super easy for beginners to get started with investment and earning passive income from the stock market.

3. Advertise with Your Car 

Some companies will pay you to put their sticker on your car window. 

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4. License Music 

If you are a musician then you can license your original tracks to generate passive income. These musical tracks can be a simple beat and you can still make a ton of passive income over time. 

5. High Yield Savings 

Putting your savings in the right kind of account will help you grow your wealth. Shop around for the best interest rates and create a new savings account with a high-yielding APY to turn your savings into income. 

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5 New Passive Income Ideas 

1. Sell Online Courses

In 2021 the online course market is expected to grow. If you have knowledge of a specialized field like creating WordPress websites or watercolor painting, you can generate passive income by selling your online course on Udemy or Skillshare. 

2. Sell An Ebook 

EBooks are a great way to generate passive income because you can self-publish on Amazon and the word count can be as low as 10,000 words for nonfiction. You can pay a ghostwriter to pen your ebook for you to make the process as passive as possible. 

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3. Build an App 

People love innovative new applications for their smartphones. If you can build an app, even a very simple one, you can use it to generate passive income. 

4. Drop Ship with Amazon 

Dropshipping through Amazon can make you a TON of passive income if you do it right. The best part is there are tons of resources online to teach you how it’s done. 

5. Be a Social Media Influencer 

Do you have a lot of followers on Instagram or a Facebook group with thousands of members? Cash in on your following by partnering with sponsors or linking to affiliate products. 

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Passive Income Ideas With No Money

5 Passive Income With No Money Ideas 

1. Rent Out Your Car 

One way to generate passive income without investing cash funds into a new venture is to work with what you already have. You can use the Turo application to rent out your car and make a pretty decent passive income. It is easy to use Turo and they handle almost everything so you can truly enjoy the passive income while doing very little work. If you have two cars then this is a great method for generating passive income, or you could rent out your car when you are out of town or when you do not need it. 

2. Rent Out Your Couch 

You do not have to own a luxury condo or getaway cabin to generate income by renting out property. One way to make passive income without spending a dime is to rent out an extra bedroom in your house or even the couch. You can make money from letting a stranger sleep on your couch and there are several platforms for safely screening people before you let them into your house. 

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3. Sell T-Shirts Online 

Print on demand (POD) websites makes it easy to put anything on a T-shirt. You do not have to be an amazing graphic designer to create cool T-shirts and sell them online. Do you have an idea for a catchy slogan? You can make and sell T-shirts online using your own designs or even free for-profit online graphics. When you use a POD site you will only make a couple of dollars per shirt that you sell, but with income so passive there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try!  The POD site will handle manufacturing and shipping the shirts, so all you have to do is design a hot logo. 

4. Download an App on Your Phone 

There are applications that will pay you just to download their app! This is a super-easy way to make passive income, even if it is not a lot. Of course, what the app is paying you for is permission to track and sell your data. Most of the apps on your phone already do this and don’t pay you for it, so there is not much to lose by trying it out. Neilson Digital and Mobile Expression are apps that will pay you for downloading it to your phone. 

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5. Sell Digital Files On Etsy 

If you have basic design skills then you can create and sell digital files on Etsy. All you have to do is create the image and upload it to Etsy and then the customer prints it on their own when they buy the digital file. 


We have offered a passive income ideas list for you that includes passive income ideas for college students and passive income ideas with no money put down. Imagine if you could generate money passively without spending any money to get started! It is completely possible in 2021 to start generating passive income right away with no money. 

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