Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free: Ultimate List Of Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free 2021

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List Of Family-Friendly Restaurants

Kids Eat Free

You might be surprised to learn that kids can eat for free at certain restaurants! There are quite a few establishments all over the U.S. that have special days where kids eat free of charge.  It can be a great relief for you and your wallet to experience the gift of a free meal for your child in challenging times.

To help you make sense of all the different offers, we’re going to look at exactly where and when kids can eat a meal for free. They might even be places you’ve loved and frequented for years without knowing about their family-friendly deals. Children are expensive, and these kid-friendly restaurants want to help!

Kids Eat Free Monday

Kids Eat Free Monday

On Mondays, your kids can get a free meal at these family-friendly restaurants:

  • Fuddruckers: The immensely popular hamburger chain Fuddruckers doesn’t offer free kids meals, but they come pretty close. From 4 pm to close, kid’s meals are $1.99 as long as you buy an adult entree. In addition to burgers, kids can choose a grilled cheese sandwich or hot dog.
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill: When you purchase an adult entree, your kid aged 12 or under gets a free meal. Romano’s is a staple in most cities across the U.S. You’ve probably got one right down the street! If your kid doesn’t care for pasta, there are other child-friendly choices like chicken strips. 
  • Which Wich Sandwiches: Another offer that comes very close to free is the one you get at Which Wich. When you purchase one 7” sandwich, you get a kids meal for just $.99.

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Kids Eat Free Tuesday

Kids Eat Free Tuesday

  • Denny’s: On Tuesdays, kids eat free at Denny’s. This is a great option if you’re looking for a place to treat your child to a free breakfast. 
  • Ruby Tuesday: It makes sense that Ruby Tuesday would do something special for their namesake! On Tuesdays, your kid eats free. Selections for kiddies include pizza, chicken tenders, and corn dogs.
  • TGI Fridays: It doesn’t have to be Friday to celebrate! On Tuesdays, kids eat free at TGI Fridays. 
  • Moe’s: Kids eat free Moe’s on Tuesday! So if you and your kid like Mexican fare, you know where to go to get your week started right. 
  • Bob Evans: You can score a free kid’s meal if you order an adult entree after 4 p.m. on a Tuesday. There are plenty of classic breakfast options as well as traditional favorites like burgers and chicken tenders. 
  • Max & Erma’s: Purchase an adult entree and get a free kid’s meal on Tuesday. Kid offerings include chicken strips, mini corn dogs, and sliders. 

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Kids Free Wednesdays

Kids Eat Free Wednesday

Have you ever asked yourself: do kids eat free Wednesdays near me? If you have, we’ve got some great news. These restaurants are willing to help you get through that mid-week slump with some free food!

  • Logan’s Roadhouse: Yes, kids eat for free at Logan’s Roadhouse! When you purchase an adult entree, kids 10 and under get a free meal that includes a side and a drink.
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill: If you can’t get enough Mexican food, you’re going to love benefitting from kids-eat-free Wednesdays at Qdoba!
  • Chili’s: Can kids eat free Chilis? In fact, they can eat free every day of the week! If you’re a My Chilis Rewards customer, you can get a free kids meal just by purchasing an adult entree.
  • Firehouse Subs: Purchase one adult combo meal and get a free meal for your child. 
  • Friendly’s: Kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal after 4 p.m.
  • Skyline Chili: Purchase one adult entree worth at least $5 and get a free kid’s meal from 5-9 p.m.
  • East Coast Wings + Grill: Starting at 3:30 p.m., kids eat free if you order an adult entree. They have more than just wings, and children can choose from mini burgers, mac-n-cheese, and chicken fingers.

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 Kids Eat Free Thursday

Kids Eat Free Thursday

  • Johnny Rocket’s: Kids love Johnny Rocket’s, and here’s one more reason for you to love it too! On Thursdays, kids can’t free meals from 4-8 if you purchase an adult entree plus drink.
  • Old Country Buffet: Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Old Country Buffet is also excellent for giving your wallet a much-needed break! On Thursday, your kid can eat free. 

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Kids Eat Free On Fridays

Kids Eat Free Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and thank goodness it’s free!

  • Shoney’s: If you have a child 4 or under, they eat free with your purchase of an adult meal. If you’ve been wondering where kids eat free on Fridays, Shoney’s is a great choice since it’s so popular and well-loved by children. 
  • Chili’s: If you’re a My Chilis Rewards customer, you can get a free kids meal just by purchasing an entree.
  • JJs Grill: At JJs, children eat for free every day of the week. All that’s required is the purchase of an adult entree. 

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Kids Eat Free Saturday

Kids Eat Free Saturday

Luckily, there are places that offer free meals on the weekends too! This one’s for all the parents looking for free Steak ’N Shake for kids.

  • Steak ’N Shake: Steak ’N Shake has you covered for the weekend. For every $9 you spend, you get one free kid’s plate. Steak ’N Shake are located in various cities all across the U.S.
  • Marie Calender’s: This popular family-friendly restaurant will let your kid eat for free on your Saturday outing.
  • O’Charley’s: The great news here is that kids eat free O’Charley’s every day! With the purchase of one adult entree, your 10-year-old (or younger) child gets a free meal, including a drink and a side!
  • Luby’s: Kids eat free at Luby’s on Wednesday and Saturday. For each adult meal purchased, get one free kid’s combo. Child options include favorites like spaghetti, chicken tenders, or a 3-veggie plate for the little vegetarian.

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Kids Eat Free Sunday

Kids Eat Free Sunday

Sunday is a popular day to treat the entire family. Let’s look at some of the most popular places that offer a free kid’s meal on Sundays:

  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit: As long as you purchase an adult meal worth $10 or more, kids 12 and under get a free meal of their own. There are 457 Dickey’s Barbecue Pit locations in 43 states, so odds are, there’s a Dickey’s near you! 
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill: When you buy an enchilada entree, your youngster gets a free kid’s meal on Sunday. Qdoba Mexican Grills can be found all over at 750 different locations in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • Steak ’N Shake: For every $9 you spend, you get one free kid’s plate. Steak ’N Shake is located in various cities all across the U.S.

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Bonus Offers

Bonus Offers

Below are some bonus offers and some restaurants that allow children to eat free every day!

  • Holiday Inn: Kids eat for free at onsite restaurants – every day of the week!
  • O’Charley’s: With the purchase of an adult entree, kids eat for free every day. Your child has a variety of options, including burgers, chicken tenders, pasta, and corn dogs. 
  • Bruster’s: Kids under 40 inches get a free baby ice cream cone.

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Every Day Of The Week

Kids Eat Free (Or Almost Free) Every Day of the Week

Here’s a quick summary of all the places that have something to offer every day of the week. Swing by any of these place Sunday through Monday to treat your tot to something special. And get a little something for yourself while you’re at it!

  • Cafe Brazil: Sunday through Thursday, your child 12 or under can get a free entree with the purchase of an adult entree. 
  • Chili’s: If you’re a Chili’s Rewards Member, your 12 or under kid can eat free any day of the week as long as you order one adult entree. They have tons of child-friendly food like grilled cheese, burgers, and everyone’s favorite – pizza.
  • Frickers: Kids eat free every day, all day. It’s just that simple!
  • Cafe Rio: Kids 6 and under get a free Nino Quesadilla with the purchase of an adult entree. 
  • 99 Restaurant and Pub: If the Redsox win, kids 10 and under get a free meal with the purchase of an adult entree. 
  • Texas de Brazil: Kids age 2 and under eat for free when you purchase an adult entree. Kids 3-5 years old can eat for a flat $5, and kids 6-12 receive 50% off the adult price. 
  • Holiday Inn: Kids eat free at all onsite restaurants. 
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill: Check your local Moe’s – kids get a free meal one day per week at chosen locations. 
  • O’Charley’s: Every day of the week, any time of the day, get free children’s meals with the purchase of one adult entree. 
  • Shoney’s: Kids under 2 eat free every day of the week from Shoney’s fresh food bar. The food bar includes items like soup, salad, fresh fruit, popular entrees, and more. 
  • Fogo de Chao: Kids 6 and under eat free every day of the week. Children aged 7-12 get half price. This Brazilian Steakhouse is known for its deliciously seasoned meat and overall fun dining experience. 

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Varying Days

Kids Eat Free but Days Vary

There are probably a few places near you where your child can eat free (or close to free), but the days vary. Just check in with these establishments to learn more about their promotions. 

  • IHOP: You can get a free child entree when you purchase an adult entree. Check your local IHOP for specific days. 
  • Denny’s: Here, you can get up to two kid entrees for every one adult entree worth $6 or more. Days vary, so just check with your local Denny’s for details.
  • Applebee’s: Various promotions run all the time here, with some locations offering free meals certain days of the week. Check your nearest Applebee’s to see when you and your tots can swing by for a free meal.
  • Cici’s Pizza: With the unlimited pizza buffet, there are a few different options for kids-eat-free. They vary by location, so check your favorite Cici’s to see what’s on the freebie menu.
  • Jason’s Deli: Call ahead to check and see what your local Jason’s has to offer. Depending on location, Jason’s has special days where meals for children are on the house. Choose from sandwiches, soups, and salads. Everyone gets free ice cream! 

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Kids Eat at a Discount

The best things in life are free. The next best things are… almost free! Here are some places that don’t offer complimentary meals, but they do give a generous discount for young ones.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings: At participating locations, you can score a kid’s meal for just $.199 on Wednesdays from 4-10 p.m.
  • Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen: Kids eat for the rock bottom price of just $.99 cents when you buy one regular-priced adult dinner.
  • Chevy’s Fresh Mix: Treat your kid to a $1 meal every Wednesday when you purchase one adult entree. 
  • Spaghetti Warehouse: Kids age 10 and under can chow down for just $1.99 with the purchase of an adult entree. Limit 2 kids per adult. 
  • Which ‘Wich: On Mondays and Saturdays, you can get a kid’s meal for just $.99 cents with purchase.
  • Chick Fil A: Many locations offer a free kid’s meal Tuesdays from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. with the purchase of an adult combo meal. Some locations charge $.99 cents, so just check with the Chick Fil A nearest you. 

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Family-Friendly Restaurants FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can kids eat free Applebees?

Applebee’s has certain special holidays and occasions where it offers free kids meals. Labor Day is one such example. Certain Applebee’s have a special night where kids get free meals once a week, so it’s best to check with your local Applebees!

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Where can kids eat free breakfast?

Many of the restaurants on our list serve breakfast. Some of the most popular breakfasts can be found at Denny’s, Marie Calender’s, and Old Country Buffet.

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Can kids eat free Red Robin?

Red Robin has its own special offer for kids. Kids Night is every first Wednesday of the month from 5-8pm. During these hours, you get one free kid’s meal for every adult entree you buy.

Call Before Arriving

Call Before Arriving

We hope you found this list of restaurants catering to families on a budget to be helpful. We strive to bring the most up-to-date information to you, however, companies often change their offers, so we recommend calling and checking before you rock up.


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