How To Make Money Off NFTs

How To Make Money Off NFTs: Buying, Selling, & Trading 2022

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How To Make Money Off NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, are profitable blockchain experiments that are exploding in popularity. Many high-profile influencers have been auctioning off NFTs for thousands of dollars, but not all NFTs cost that much money. 

If you want to know how to make money off NFTs, you have come to the right place. This article gives a good overview of what NFTs are, what gives them values, and how to make money on NFTs yourself. Keep reading for all of this and more.

What Are NFTs?

“NFT” stands for a non-fungible token. This token is a crypto asset that cannot be reproduced or altered in any way. That is what “non-fungible” means. In many ways, NFTs are like one-of-a-kind art: they cost a lot and cannot be reproduced at the same value. NFTs are different from valuable art in that they are digital tokens, not physical pieces of art.

Much like traditional art, NFTs are sold for cryptocurrency or money. Whenever this purchase happens, the asset associated with the token is transferred using blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrencies are. This blockchain technology is what determines who owns the NFT.

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Where Does the Value of NTFs Come From?

The NFTs themselves are not what’s responsible for their value. Instead, an NFT is simply a token that is tied to an asset belonging to the original owner. This asset is almost always digital, but not always. Social media posts, tweets, and digital art can be connected to NFTs and sold out at a profit. It is the object that the token is associated with that has value. 

The exact value of the NFT comes from consumer interest. Here, it might be helpful to think about trading cards. The rarity and interest in the individual cards determine how expensive the cards are. Likewise, if a particular NFT is super popular but rare, the NFT will be more expensive than one that isn’t truly wanted.

How to Make Money with NFTs: 4 Ideas 

So far, we have learned what an NFT is and where NFTs derive their value. What we have not answered is how to make money selling NFTs. Figuring out how to make money from NFTs can be difficult, but here are some tips. These tips won’t guarantee that you’ll make a lot of money, but they can help you learn how to make money off of NFTs as well as learn how to make money with NFTs as a beginner.

Rent NFTs

The best way to make money with NFTs is to rent them out. This is a good option for earning a passive income on NFTs that are in high demand. Trading card games often allow players to borrow or rent out NFT cards in order to boost their chances. People want to know how to make money selling NFTs, and, in a way, this is one of them by selling them off temporarily to new customers.

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Create NFTs

Most NFTs are created by designers. The digital artist often gets a 10% cut in royalties, but some royalties are determined by the original agreement. As a result, you can create your own NFTs and earn royalties every time the NFT is sold to a new owner.

Of course, this is not a way to make money with NFTs as a beginner. You need to be experienced in digital art, NFT creation, and minting your own NFTs for this to work. This can be difficult to do if you are new to the game.

How To Make Money Buying NFTs

Stake NFTs

If you want to know how to make money in NFTs, another way is to stake them. Staking NFTs means that you deposit or lock away your digital assets in a contract in order to generate yield. Occasionally, platforms make you purchase native NFTs so that you can earn stake in token rewards. Although staking NFTs sounds special, it is one way for those wanting to know how to make money buying NFTs.

Invest in NFT Farming 

Our last idea for making money through NFTs is to invest in NFT farming. Right now, NFT farming is not as popular as cryptocurrency mining, but it definitely exists. As NFTs are becoming more popular, you can expect NFT farming to boom as well.

Get in on NFT profits fast by investing in NFT farming while you can. This can help you make money from NFTs without actually needing to buy, sell, or trade NFTs. This is just like investing in any other market, but it is especially helpful since NFT farming is on the verge of a huge boom.

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Where to Buy NFTs

If you decide to try to make money with NFTs, you will first have to buy NFTs. You will need to find platforms that sell NFTs and have the right money. It’s important to note that most NFT platforms require you to buy NFTS using cryptocurrency.

As a result, you will need to purchase cryptocurrency and get a wallet for your cryptocurrency. is a top choice because you can create your cryptocurrency wallet for free.

After you have your cryptocurrency wallet set up, you will need to find trading posts for NFTs. OpenSea is one of the top choices because there are tons of different NFTs to buy. You can also check out collectors’ sites on eBay.


NFTs are the future of blockchain. Just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs are a form of blockchain and are taking off in popularity. If you know where to look and what to do, you can potentially make thousands if not millions of dollars by buying and selling NFTs. 

We hope that one of these four ideas helps you make money with NFTs. If you aren’t quite confident enough to buy your own NFTs, we highly recommend doing a lot of research and investing in cryptocurrency to get started. After all, cryptocurrency is the first step to investing in NFTs since cryptocurrency is required to purchase your NFTs.

Once you are confident enough, you can rent out, create, or stake in NFTs. You could also invest in NFT farming if you don’t quite want to deal with the NFTs directly. Good luck!

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