How To Grow Herbs Indoors

How To Grow Herbs Indoors To Save Money 2022

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How To Grow Herbs Indoors

Growing your herbs indoors to save money is both smart and fun! But not all herbs do well inside, so indoor garden success requires a bit of learning. 

Luckily, we’re going to examine the ins and outs of growing herbs indoors. We’ll take a look at growing herbs indoors for beginners, pros and cons, and the most common questions about house-dwelling herbs.

If you’re looking to plan an indoor herb garden, look no further! We’ll walk you through the steps, tips, and tricks to help grow winning homegrown produce you can be proud of!

The Best Herbs For Indoors

Not every herb will thrive inside, so how do you grow herbs indoors successfully? To avoid disappointment, stick with plants that have a proven track record for homegrown success:

  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Chives
  • Mint

As you can see, some wildly popular herbs do well indoors. By growing them yourself, you can save money while developing a cool skill. 

If you’re a beginner, experts say it’s easiest to start with seedlings. These can be found in your local garden shop, or online.

The Best Containers For Herbs Indoors

Choosing the right home for your herbs is just as crucial as the seedlings themselves! There’s no shortage of containers specially designed for indoor herb gardens. Still, if you’re on a budget, you can use just about anything that has drainage. 

Since the container will be draining, there needs to be some base beneath it to catch the water.

Suppose you’re interested in growing herbs indoors in Mason jars. In that case, you’ll want to place small rocks or pebbles below the soil to avoid over saturation. 

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Grow Herbs Inside

How To Grow Herbs Inside

The best way to grow herbs inside is to start small and cultivate a familiarity with your herbs. Once you get the hang of it, you can branch out and expand your garden.

Now that you’ve chosen your herbs and containers, follow these steps to successfully grown herbs inside:

  • Choose a sunny spot – herbs need around six hours of sun per day
  • Water the right amount – keep the soil moist, but that’s it
  • Harvest a few sprigs at a time – regular trims encourage new growth
  • Keep an eye on growth – your herbs will eventually need to be transplanted

Growing Herbs Indoors Tips

Growing herbs indoors is not as complicated as you might think! But there are definitely some insider tips to keep in mind to achieve the best results.

  • If it’s winter, or there isn’t much sunlight, consider investing in a grow light
  • You don’t need a windowsill; you can use a wall planter near the window
  • Temperature should stay between 60-70 degrees
  • Grow each herb in a separate container
  • Choose soil suitable for indoor gardens
  • Never use dirt from the ground
  • Use seaweed or fish-based fertilizer
  • Provide good circulation and occasionally rearrange your herb pots

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Growing Herbs Indoors VS Growing Herbs Outdoors

Now that you have some valuable tips and guidelines for growing herbs indoors, you might be wondering about the pros and cons. So let’s explore some of the pros and cons of growing herbs indoors:

  • Not all herbs can be grown indoors
  • You need a window that provides a lot of light or a grow light
  • Gardening outdoors provides a little physical exercise
  • An outdoor garden allows your herbs more room to grow
  • Indoor herbs cannot be destroyed by extreme weather
  • Some say outdoor herbs are more flavorful
Grow Herbs Indoors Kits

Ready To Go Kits

If you are impatient and cannot wait to get started growing your own food at home, you can try an indoor hydroponic garden kit made especially for growing herbs at home.

If you wanted to get really serious about it, investing in a family farm setup might be right up your alley. You can grow not only herbs, but things like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and strawberries.

Grow Herbs Indoors Kit
Grow Herbs Indoors Kit

Grow Lights

Grow lights promote the growth of your indoor plants and herbs by emulating full-spectrum sunlight. The bulbs are replaceable, and you can adjust the lamps and position them to cater to your plant’s needs.

Grow Lights

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it better to grow herbs indoors or outdoors?

Many people wonder: do herbs grow better inside or outside? There is no clear winner as both have advantages and disadvantages. It largely depends on your unique situation and which works best for you!

Can you grow herbs indoors all year?

Wondering when to grow herbs indoors? Luckily, it’s something you can enjoy year-round. Because you can grow herbs indoors without sunlight, there are a lot of possibilities. The great thing about avoiding seasonal weather is you can even grow herbs inside during winter.

Can herbs grow inside as well as they do outside?

It depends on the herb. But sturdy, no-fuss herbs like mint, rosemary, thyme, and parsley do better indoors than some others. Planting herbs inside is a great way to save money and take up a fun new hobby!

Do you have to grow herbs on windowsill?

Not necessarily. You can create a space near a window or even use a wall herb hanger. As long as your herbs are getting sunlight, they’ll do well. They don’t have to sit directly on the kitchen windowsill to get direct light.

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Parting Thoughts

Growing your own herbs at home can save you a tonne of cash. The initial investment of buying the seeds and equipment soon pays for itself and allows you to enjoy the freshest pesticide-free herbs thrown straight into your delicious home-cooked meals.

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