How To Become A Google Ad Specialist

How To Become A Google Ad Specialist in 2022

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How To Become A Google Ad Specialist

If you’re curious about how to become a Google ad specialist, you’ve landed in the right spot. As you probably noticed, many unique earning opportunities didn’t exist just a few decades ago. The internet has changed how we work, live, and do business. 

Google ads certification is one such opportunity. Google provides the official certificate after a series of tests. It’s given to those people considered “experts in online advertising” after demonstrating skills in certain aspects of Google Ads.

Below, we’ll talk about some of the key advantages of certification, who might be a good fit, and what precisely an ad specialist does!

What Is A Google Ads Specialist?

A Google ads pro helps businesses or brands by producing leads, boosting online visibility, and increasing profits. As you might guess, this is a highly valuable skill in today’s global economy. 

As a Google ad specialist, you can help businesses:

  • Source high-quality leads
  • Cut their lead and marketing costs considerably
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Increase awareness for their brand or company
  • Maximize profits

It’s no mystery then why Google ad professionals are in high demand. But exactly how does one become a Google AdWords specialist? 

How To Be A Google Ad Specialist

Want to know to become a Google paid ad specialist? Luckily, there’s a very clear and simple path to becoming a Google specialist. It starts with becoming Google certified. This certification is something you can save and produce whenever you need to show a client you’re a serious Google pro.

Becoming certified goes something like this:

Create or choose your Google Account.

Additionally, here are a few essential things to remember about the training and testing:

  • Use Google’s series of online training videos to prepare for the assessments
  • There are two FREE online assessments via the Google Academy For Ads
  • You need to score 80% or higher on each assessment
  • You can re-take a failed assessment eight days later

If you’re looking to get hired as an AdWords specialist, Google certification is almost always a non-negotiable requirement. Google’s training videos are a great resource to prepare you for the assessments. 

Earning certification is also a great idea if you’re trying to improve your own business or brand’s success and visibility!

Now you know how to be a Google Ad specialist, let’s move onto how it works.

How Does Being A Google Ad Specialist Work?

So far, so good. But maybe you still have questions about what the life of a Google ads specialist entails. How exactly are they helping businesses grow?

As a part of Google’s online advertising program, ad specialists have unique skills that come in handy for making businesses more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

Here are just a few ad specialist skills and duties:

  • Selecting the right keywords 
  • Creating dedicated website landing pages that produce great results for companies
  • Managing the marketing campaign budget
  • Writing one or several versions of ad text 

Not all Google ad specialists work for other companies. Some business owners or employees become certified to boost their sales and ensure the best advertising results. 

Being a Google AdWords pro is valuable and critical, whether you’re looking to improve your own business or that of someone else.

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How To Become A Google Ad Manager

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Common questions about how to be a Google ad specialist.

Is getting Google Adwords certification worth it?

Getting certified is worth it for a few reasons. One of the top benefits is credibility. Another clear advantage is the knowledge and expertise that comes from the training and assessments. Even if you already know a lot of the info, you’re bound to learn something new and improve your existing skills.

How much do Google ad specialists make?

If you’ve wondered how to become a Google ad specialist, you’ve no doubt had questions about how much they earn. Naturally, the answer is that salaries vary. Some AdWord specialists work on a freelance basis while others are employed full-time. The average full-time salary of an AdWord specialist or account strategist is between $55-$65k a year. 

What does a Google Ad specialist do?

In summary, a Google ad specialist is someone who helps marketing campaigns get top-notch results. They keep track of data and metrics and send information back to the company about each campaign’s performance and success. They are also responsible for determining the official keywords, key phrases, and search terms associated with a campaign.

What languages does Google Ad certification support?

Google Ads certifications are available in the following languages:

  • Czech
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

How do I become a Google Ad specialist?

Learn how to become a Google paid ad specialist by following the steps below.

How to become Google Ads certified:

Create or choose your Google Account.

How To Become A Google Ads Specialist As A Teenager?

Google puts age limits and restrictions on the use of its products. You can check them out here.

How old do you have to be to be a Google ad specialist?

You need to be 18 years old t become a Google ad specialist.

Work From Home Jobs

Becoming Google ad certified is a great way to start working from home and set your own rules. You could become a freelancer and offer your services on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, and Online Jobs.

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