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Home Proofreading Jobs: 📚 Legitimate Online Remote Work 2022

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Home Proofreading Jobs

Home proofreading jobs sound like a dream, right? You get to work from home online, in your PJ’s, snuggling up to your fur baby without needing to commute. And, to make the whole deal even sweeter, you can earn really good money just by reading and making corrections using your computer, anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at online proofreading jobs in detail so you can decide if proofreading is the perfect work-from-home job for you.

Page contents:

  • The best proofreading jobs for students
  • The best proofreading jobs with no experience
  • The best sites for proofreading jobs
  • Proofreading jobs without a degree
  • Proofreading jobs for PhDs
  • The best proofreading courses online
  • Proofreading tools

What Are Proofreading Jobs?

So, what exactly are proofreading jobs? Proofreading entails carefully checking for errors like grammar, spelling, tone, and the context in text and then correcting them. It is usually done before the text is published or shared and ensures that the copy is factual, professional, and free from mistakes.

Proofreading jobs are often referred to by other names like:

  • Academic editor
  • Beginner proofreading jobs
  • Book editing
  • Book editor/editing
  • Copy editing
  • Editing jobs
  • Editor
  • Freelance proofreader
  • Freelance proofreading
  • Online proofreading jobs
  • Proofreading independent contractor
  • Proofreading positions
  • Remote editor
  • Remote proofreader

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Who Would Suit A Proofreading Job?

  • You want to quit your job
  • You are looking for a side hustle
  • You are sick of the working 9-5 lifestyle
  • You are a parent who wants to spend more time with your family
  • You have a disability or chronic illness
  • You travel a lot

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How Much Does A Proofreader Make?

Proofreaders earn on average around $20 per hour, however, you can earn a lot more than that once you become experienced and have a broad range of skills under your belt.

You can choose to charge per hour or per word. Make sure that you don’t undercharge yourself by under-quoting how long a job will take though.

Some proofreading jobs that require a degree or a PhD will pay you very good money for expert editing and proofreading of things like academic journals, content and copy for lawyers and doctors, and other high-end customers.

Basic rate guide:

  • USA: $15 – $50 per hour
  • UK: £25 – £30 per hour
Proofreading Jobs Online

Proofreading Jobs Online

Looking for legitimate online proofreading jobs? We show you the best sites for proofreading jobs with our list below.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can post proofreading jobs (called gigs) for a fixed price. The great thing about Fiverr is that it can be an amazing place to find proofreading jobs online for beginners, as well as for advanced editors with degrees.


Upwork is one of the largest online freelance marketplaces where you can advertise your services as a proofreader. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for entry-level online proofreading jobs or high-paying jobs for those with a PhD, Upwork has room for all skill levels.


Proofed is a professional editing and proofreading service offering services to businesses, students, authors, academics, professionals, people with English as a second language, people with dyslexia, and researchers. They also offer their own proofreading course.


Guru is an online freelance platform that allows you to advertise your services to people and businesses who need proofreading.


Freelancer is a freelance marketplace just like Guru where you can apply for legit online proofreading jobs that people and companies post online.


Proofreadingservices.com offers proofreading, translation, publishing services, resumes and cover letters online.

Polished Paper

Polished Paper specializes in editing proofreading and offers a personal guarantee. They have offices in Australia, China, North America, the UK, and South Africa.


Flexjobs is another online platform that allows you to post your proofreading services on their site for prospective customers.


Wordvice is a professional editing and proofreading service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Clickworker has online proofreader jobs for those with an excellent command of their native language. After signing up, Clickworker will ask you to take tests to determine your suitability.


You can apply for a freelance editing/proofreading job here with Domainite.com.


Craigslist has quite a few weird and wonderful jobs advertised on its site, including jobs for writers, proofreaders, and editors.

Sibia Proofreading

Sibia Proofreading offers 24/7 editing and proofreading services online.


Scriber hires professional editors that are English teachers, PhD candidates, or professors.


Edit911 requires their editors and proofreaders to have a PhD and a mastery of the English language.


ProofreadingPal does one thing very well, and that is proofreading. Most of their proofreaders have master’s degrees or are pursuing their PhDs.

Writer’s Job Shop

The Writer’s Job Shop is always looking for experienced proofreaders and editors. If you have a degree, you can apply online.

CACTUS Communications

CACTUS Communications offers remote freelance proofreading jobs. They pride themselves on paying on time, every time.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media is a great place to work with lots of perks. If you manage to score a job with them you will be well looked after.


Gramlee offers proofreading and editing, grammar checking, and dissertation editing services. You can apply for a job here.


MediaBistro has a list of editing and proofreading jobs you can apply for online.

American Journal Experts

American Journal Experts hire people who have a graduate degree or are enrolled in a graduate program with an accredited US college or university. You must also be a native English speaker.


EditFast requires a degree from a recognized university, a computer with internet connection, word processing software, computer skills, as well as past editing or proofreading experience.

OneSpace Freelancers

OneSpace Freelancer has proofreading jobs available from time to time. You can apply for a job here.

Writing Jobz

The Writing Jobs website allows you to apply for editing and proofreading jobs instantly. They also have 24/7 support and claim to pay you on time.

Get Editing Jobs

The Get Editing Jobs website allows you to search for jobs via keywords as well as jobs in your area.

Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief has all sorts of opportunities for writers and editors on its website.


Scribendi offers world-class proofreading and editing services to businesses and individuals covering areas like ESL, academic papers, authors, student work, resumes, and personal writing projects.


R3ciprocity is a website that focuses mainly on proofreading and editing services for writers. You can earn credits by editing and proofreading each other’s work.


Reedsy is an online marketplace offering proofreading, editing, design, marketing, publicity, and ghostwriting services.


Lionbridge offers all sorts of online jobs including proofreading that you can apply for online.

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Proofreading Courses

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Proofreading Courses

Below is a list of some of the more popular proofreading courses available online.

Proofreading Academy

The Proofreading Academy offers 15 modules that take you through everything you need to know to become a professional proofreader. They teach you everything from how to spot common spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, how to edit for different styles and tones, academic proofreading, referencing and citations, creative writing and the publishing industry, and last but not least, how to find work.

  • Cost: $395
  • Hours: 50 hours
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Work guarantee: Those who score over 80% on the course are guaranteed work with the sister site, Proofed.

Udemy Proofreading Courses

If you were looking for a more cost-effective course, then Udemy might be right up your alley. They have several courses to choose from ranging in price from $12.99 to $199.99. The courses have been created by professionals in the field who take you through the ins and outs of the proofreading industry.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and full lifetime access.

  • Cost: Between $12.99 and $199.99
  • Hours: 1 – 2.5 hours
  • Free trial: No
  • Work guarantee: No

Edit Republic High-Level Proofreading Pro

The proofreading course from Edit Republic teaches you how to create a successful proofreading, editing, and copywriting business of your own from scratch. The course includes 8 training modules, monthly group coaching, a course workbook, ongoing access to free course upgrades, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.


  • Either 1 payment of $597
  • 6 monthly payment of $125
  • 3 monthly payments of $245
  • Hours: Less than 30 days
  • Free trial: No
  • Work guarantee: No

Free Proofreading Courses

There are a few free proofreading courses you can do online to get you started if funds are short. Because they are free, you can do one or all of them to get a good feel for what a proofreading job would require of you before taking the plunge.

Choose your free proofreading course online:

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Pros and Cons of Proofreading

The pros and cons of home proofreading jobs.


  • High demand work
  • Work at your own pace
  • You get to be your own boss
  • Flexibility
  • You can work anywhere in the world


  • Repitiuous work
  • Some companies require degrees and PhDs
  • Some clients can be demandinng

Tools For Home Proofreading Jobs

You are obviously going to need a few things like a computer, editing software, and a good internet connection, but what are some of the other tools you might need?

Grammarly Is Your Best Friend

Although Grammarly isn’t foolproof, it will save you a lot of time. Seeing as though time is money, you would be crazy not to use the free version of Grammarly to help you speed up your proofreading process.

Google Docs

Google Docs is another online resource you can use for your proofreading jobs. You can get Google Docs for free here.


Dropbox is a great tool to have when you are a proofreader. Sending and receiving files is easy with Dropbox, and you can save copies of your work in dedicated folders so you can refer back to your work when needed.

How Much Does Proofreading Pay?


Do you need a degree to become a proofreader?

Some companies require a degree to become a proofreader on their platforms, and many don’t. Check out sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru for freelance work that doesn’t require a degree or PhD to score proofreading jobs from home.

How much does proofreading pay?

How much does a proofreader make? Between $15 and $50 per hour, with the average being around $20 per hour.

Do legit proofreading jobs online exist?

Are online proofreading jobs legit? Yes! Remote proofreading jobs definitely exist and you can make some very decent money from home proofreading jobs.

How to find freelance proofreading jobs?

Want to know how to get proofreading jobs online? Check out the list above and also take a look at websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and Proofed.

Home Proofreading Jobs Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for entry-level proofreading jobs or editing jobs that require a college degree, if you are good with paying attention to detail then home proofreading jobs might be right up your alley. There are several free and paid courses you can do online to get your skills up to speed, so check out the platforms listed above to find opportunities and start making some money from the comfort of your own home.

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