DoNotPay App Review

DoNotPay App Review: Is DoNotPay Legit? 2022

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DoNotPay App Review

DoNotPay App Review

DoNotPay is an app that offers legal counsel powered by artificial intelligence. According to the developer of the app, you can sue anyone by pressing a button. The app also focuses on suing big companies and complex bureaucracies that hinder people’s rights. 

This revolutionary application uses artificial intelligence to provide legal services to customers who download it. The nature of this application has created quite a stir among the app-building community and there has been much discussion about the ramifications of providing access to such a site for users to leverage as a means to sue or threaten companies.

Previously, people could only access the service through the official website, but now they can use the DoNotPay app to access all the essential features easily. In today’s article, we will review and the app.

If you want to know more about how DoNotPay works and what it can do for users, read on for our DoNotPay App review!

How Does DoNotPay Work?

How Does Work? is a chatbot that works by asking the user several questions about his or her situation. Then, you can discuss with the bot about a person or organization that you want to sue. 

The bot offers up limited legal counsel and creates documentation in some instances that are related to the need that is being discussed. 

Chatbots are becoming part of the normal landscape of the internet experience, and many companies use them to streamline customer service and IT-related issues. Chatbots are clever enough these days to be able to address simple concerns or to send users on to a help or FAQ page. This tech is the foundation for the DoNotPay app model.

Once you have provided enough information, the app will draw up your legal documents, which you will need to send to the court as a plaintiff. The app can also generate a script that you can understand and read in court. So, this feature is useful for those who want to attend the court proceedings in person. 

The DoNotPay app offers a wide range of features that help you get refunds on hotel bookings, flight tickets, and you can also sue people, cancel free trials, etc. You can also use the program to offer legal services related to social issues, including housing for homelessness and housing aid applications. 

If you want, you can even file for unemployment using the DoNotPay app. To do this, the bot will ask you a few questions, and then show you a checklist of things or documents that you will need to carry out the procedure. 

Some of the more popular actions you can take on the DoNotPay app:

More with our DoNotPay app review below.

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Is DoNotPay Legit?

Is DoNotPay Legit?

Is the DoNotPay app legit? Yes, DoNotPay is legit and 100% safe to use. You can tell the bot about your legal issue, and in some situations, the app will direct you to legal information and forms. However, make sure you cross-check the information to determine its relevance to your case.

Some people think that the app’s offerings can be limited, and this makes sense as a chatbot is guiding the legal process for you. As clever as a chatbot might be, it cannot take the place of legal counsel that is versed in all the ins and outs of complex legal processes.

However, small claims matters and the necessary documents that are needed to attend to refunds and other issues are often not complicated, and the bot seems to be reliable in its information for these needs.

The fact that a chatbot is taking the place of actual legal counsel done by a human has led to a flurry of concerns about this application. There is some indication that this app is serving a useful purpose for many people who cannot afford legal counsel, but the potential ramifications of supplanting actual legal counsel with chatbot-guided law have yet to be fully addressed.

It is unquestionably empowering to users to be able to enact their own legal rebuttals to common predatory practices by large corporations, and being able to take other people to small claims court without coughing up huge attorney fees means that seeking compensation for small claims losses is now realistic.

While there are concerns that the legal know-how of the bot itself is not reliable, many small claims issues are not complex legal matters, and the only thing that held people back in the past from attending to these matters themselves was a lack of know-how related to legal processes and documentation. 

More of our DoNotPay app review below.

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Is the App Secure?

When it comes to the safety of the app, the developer now has an anti-spam email bot, which means you can forward spam emails to the app using the address “[email protected]”. 

The concept of sending a bot to work with another bot on your problems might seem a bit suspect, but this feature seems to work well enough for users of the application at this time.

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Is the App Truly Free?

The download is free, and many of the services are of no charge to users, but that is not the entire picture for those who are using the app for their legal needs. There are limited fees associated with the app, and they may be small enough that many users will not be put off by them. When compared to true legal fees, the cost for the app is nothing.

The app offers assistance in many categories, including drafted letters that you use to get money back from your landlord. Although the app is free to use, it will charge you $3 per month or $36 per year. 

How Much Does DoNotPay Cost?

DoNotPay charges a monthly subscription fee of $3 for the service. There will also be a $0.50/£0.50 authorization charge that does not leave your account. This is to ensure there is no fraudulent activity being conducted on the app.

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DoNotPay Credit Card

DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

What Is The DoNotPay Credit Card?

DoNotPay credit cards are virtual cards that you can use for free trials and are linked with your physical debit or credit card.

How many times have you signed up for a free trial and forgot to cancel it before you are billed?

The exciting thing is that you can get a Free Trial Card, which you can use to sign up for any service anonymously. So, by not using your real credit card, your personal information and money are safe.

The DoNotPay card is beneficial in many ways, especially when you are facing a legal problem. For example, you can draft documents for your claim via the app by paying through the virtual card. 

Virtual credit cards are becoming more common, but you often need to apply to your credit card company or your financial institution for access to one. DoNotPay will allow you to pick up one of these cards for payment purposes without the struggle of involving another entity.

You can use your virtual card to sign up for free trials to the services you want to try.

Some examples are:

  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • HBO
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Twitch
  • ESPN Go
  • Doordash
  • Jira
  • Adobe
  • Postmates
  • Showtime
  • PlayStation Vue
  • CBS All Access
  • Starz
  • Tidal

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How Does DoNotPay Create Value for Users?

DoNotPay offers a lot of value to its adopters. Being able to attend to your own legal needs related to unexpected charges, unfair rent practices, and refunds for poor services is a huge bargaining chip in the consumer/business relationship. Predatory practices of large corporations have often been allowed to continue because the cost of legal defense was too steep for individuals to defend themselves.

The cost of adjudicating small claims is no longer prohibitive for the parties involved, meaning that users can now attend to matters that they would have just let go in years past before DoNotPay arrived on the scene. Saving thousands of dollars on legal fees makes small claims court a realistic option for people to defend their own rights to satisfaction of debts and other issues.

Users are training the bot with each interaction they have on the app, making it smarter, and more versed in the qualifications of its duties. This process is a great study in AI that is happening in real-time and the DoNotPay bot will likely serve as the example that is used to institute other AI solutions for everyday needs. Imagine being able to attend to other concerns quickly and accurately without waiting around for a customer service rep to get back to you!

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DoNotPay App Review


Where can I find the DoNotPay App download?

To download the DoNotPay App on an iPhone, go here.

DoNotPay App for Android?

To get the DoNotPay App on a desktop or Android phone, you can sign up here.

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DoNotPay App Review Summary

For a small fee, the DoNotPay app offers a revolutionary way to deal with legal issues, cancel subscriptions, and allows the everyday person to fight corporations and bureaucracy.

The application has opened up an inquiry into a whole new use for AI technology and it offers an intriguing study with regard to legal processes and people’s need for actual legal counsel.

If users of DoNotPay are able to successfully defend themselves against predatory practices or large companies using this almost-free app, then the nature of all legal counsel is called into question. While it might seem obvious that you will need to get legal counsel for a divorce or the dissolution of a company, how many small legal needs have been undertaken by lawyers over the years that could have been handled by an app?

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