Best Free Budgeting Apps

Best Free Budgeting Apps For Beginners: Pros & Cons 2022

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Best Free Budgeting Apps

Budgeting. It’s become a lost art among much of the more current generations. In fact, money is rarely discussed or taught in schools and hasn’t been for quite some time. This unfairly puts many people at a severe disadvantage.

But did you know that you can stay ahead of the curve with the help of the best free budgeting apps that are available on Android and iPhone? Now you can improve the way you handle your income and turn the tide in your favor. 

The economy was doing well for a while, but many unfortunate events have taken place in recent months that have caused uncertainty and panic among much of society. Seeing the potential writing on the wall, we decided it was time to seek out the best free budgeting apps 2021 has to offer.

And that is what we’re going to share with you today. No longer do you have to struggle with your finances. With the help of these handy apps, you can learn how to live comfortably and stress-free, regardless of your income.

The Best Free Budgeting Apps For Beginners

The Best Free Budgeting Apps For Beginners

In these times, where money is tight and jobs are scarce, it can be hard to know how you’re going to make ends meet. In the midst of financial hardship, there’s a lot of pressure on even the most budget-savvy people. The good news? There are plenty of free apps out there that can help you plan your finances and stay afloat in this tough economy.

There are many apps on the market to help you budget your money, but which is best for beginners? This article will discuss four of the most popular free options. There are apps that allow you to set budgets and track your spending. Some also have features like goals or reminders so that you can stick with them more easily. Whether you’re just getting started with budgeting, or looking for a new app, this list is sure to provide some useful information!

List of the Best Free Budgeting Apps

There are many apps and websites that can help you organize your money and keep track of where it goes. The best budgeting apps for beginners will not only help you save, but they’ll also teach you how to spend wisely. Here we discuss the top 5 free budgeting apps that offer a range of features to suit different needs.

Mint Budgeting App

1. Mint

If you’ve looked into budgeting apps for any length of time, then you have likely heard of Mint. In what is largely considered the pinnacle of budgeting tools, Mint has a lot going for it that will benefit anyone wanting to manage their money better.

Not only does it update all of your transactions, but it neatly arranges them by category, as well. This allows you to have a continual real-time profile of everything you spend. What’s more, Mint lets you plug in your own categories so that your finances are laid out in a way that works for you.

Mint also makes it easy to keep track of all of your bills and will even alert you if you’ve gone over your established budget. 

Perhaps most importantly, Mint provides credit score monitoring so you can plan around improving your credit. As one of the best free apps for budgeting, Mint is definitely worthy of your consideration.

Mint Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Free account available
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Link all types of financial accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, investing, retirement, etc)
  • Calculates your net worth
  • Bill payment reminders
  • Integrates with TurboTax
  • Excellent security


  • Advertisments
  • Joint accounts aren’t available
  • Connectivity issues
  • Lot’s of notifications (some people like this)
  • Multiple currencies not supported

Get started with Mint

EveryDollar Budgeting App


The aptly named EveryDollar app is centered on the zero-based budget method. Essentially, it works on the model of whatever you spend is what you make. In other words, every dollar counts. 

EveryDollar works on a basic structure that allows you to enter in a transaction every time you make a purchase. This makes it easy for the user to closely monitor their budget at all times as long as you are diligent about plugging in your purchases.

If you’re in a hurry to get a budget established, EveryDollar is a great place to start. In just 10 minutes or less with this app, you can be set up and ready to track your spending.

The base version of the app is free. However, you can upgrade to a Plus version that lets you tie in your bank account for real-time budgeting. Just know that the EveryDollar Plus app costs money, so make sure that it’s something you can comfortably budget for before investing in it.

EveryDollar Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • No ads
  • Simple user interface
  • Connects you with experts for financial advice
  • Integrates with the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps program
  • Monthly budgeting as well as zero based budgeting
  • You can add multiple categories
  • Available on desktop and mobile devices


  • Focuses on budgeting only
  • Free version is limited
  • The paid version is expensive
  • No bank or credit card syncing
  • You have to manually input your information
  • Lacks reporting

Get started with EveryDollar

PocketGuard Budgeting App


PocketGuard is a simple yet effective little app that lets you know what kind of money you have left to spend. The app does a fine job of crunching numbers after bills are accounted for you know exactly what finances are available in your budget. 

We like that PocketGuard can be set up to display remaining finances for the month, week, or even for just one day. If you like to micromanage your expenses, this app is a great way to do it. There are even categories that you can plug in to more closely monitor where your money is going.

Say you want to keep an eye on your grocery money for the week or watch your spending that goes toward eating out. PocketGuard simplifies these aspects of your spending so that you always know how much capital you have remaining in any given category.

Best of all, PocketGuard is completely free to use. So if you’re ready to get a budget started, download the app and start saving.

Get started with PocketGuard

Clarity Money Budgeting App

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is another free budgeting app that takes the headaches and hassles out of monitoring your spending. As a free app, Clarity Money is pretty comprehensive. It’s compatible with thousands of financial institutions to ensure that you are able to easily sync up to your bank.

Anything that you spend can be neatly organized by category so that it’s easier for you to watch where your money is going. We really appreciate that Clarity Money includes credit score monitoring, as this is important for anyone looking to better themselves.

Thanks to its free status, you can get started budgeting your finances right away. And there’s no better time to start a budget than now.

Get started with Clarity Money

Goodbudget Budgeting App


Goodbudget works by the envelope budgeting method, which is essentially setting aside capital for specific spending areas. For instance, if you want to ensure that you have enough money for your phone bill, you can use the envelope budgeting method to sock away that monetary amount each month. 

Before budgeting apps were prevalent, people would sometimes stick specific amounts of money in an envelope and not touch it under any circumstances. This was an easy and effective way to make sure you always had your bills covered.

With Goodbudget, however, you plug your own finances into a virtual envelope. The amount you enter from your bank account stays in there until it’s ready to come out for the bill in question. 

Instead of categories, you have “envelopes” that help you keep track of where your money is going every month. There are two versions of Goodbudget that you can use to budget your finances. 

The basic version lets you sync up to one bank account across two devices, while the Plus version allows for unlimited bank accounts across five different devices. You can choose to pay for the Plus version per month or annually, which is a little bit cheaper than if you were to pay monthly for 12 months.

Get started with Goodbudget

Wrap Up

Whether you need the best free budgeting apps for iPhone or the best free budgeting apps for Android, these companies have your needs covered. There’s no better time to get control of your money and start working toward financial freedom.

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